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Couture Rug Collection

The COUTURE Rug Collection draws upon a vast variety of motifs. Nevertheless, these bespoke rugs are bound by fragility, strength, elegance and wilderness - a dichotomy of nature.

This New Couture Rug Collection also incorporates the architectural styles of New York City at the turn of the Twentieth century. Elements of the formerly popular Art Deco style can be seen. There is also an unusual combination of traditional Scottish tartans with delicate lace borders.

Bespoke rug designs featuring the traditional tartan colors will make a unique and fresh addition to luxury properties all around the world such as in castles in the United Kingdom or Scotland. The breezier blue custom rug designs would delightfully complement a Hampton's Holiday home.

Carefully selected floral motifs combined with clean geometrical graphics can endow an interior with unspoken elegance and originality.

Various examples of the Couture Rug Collection