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Ditozzi Design Trade Program

Our Trade Program for professionals in the field. We offer special pricing on purchases for their projects and clients. If you are a Designer, Architect or Contractor, DITOZZI DESIGN would like to partner with you! We have long term experience in dealing with Trade Professionals - ranging from outfitting Hotels, Restaurants, Retail, Commercial and Residential spaces. Our staff more than happy offer a supporting, preparing quotes and providing samples. For information please email us info@ditozzi.com

Proof of affiliation/membership with a Professional Organization in the Design/Build field:
  1. Credentials/Certification in related field of study
  2. Copy of Business Card or Company Letterhead
  3. Three trade showroom contacts that you currently specify from (Showroom Name, Contact and Telephone Number)
  4. In a cover letter, please outline the following:
    • The nature of your business and how long you have been in business
    • Which provide information what collection are you interested and the volume projections per year?
    • Which of our Sales Associates are you currently working with?
    • How can we best service you and your business needs?

Membership is subject to approval and can be revoked at any time.